This posting contains quick sketches of the characters. Even if they are not fully developed, I've put some details here, so that you can see what other players are bringing to the plate, and not duplicate their efforts.

Male, 30s
A Medical doctor (primary shipboard skills), who knows about several hard sciences: terrian biology, oceanography, ecology, etc. (primary planet side skills), and knows how to operate a ship's gunnery turret (secondary shipboard skill).

Female, young
An alien "Chargr" similar to a Vargr, but with chameleon skin. Usually runs on all fours, but can stand on hind legs. Personality is similar to a Vargr. This one is a translator.

Felton Mace
ex-Scout, Male, Age 40
Primary skills: Gunner, Secondary skills: Boat Pilot, Dirtside: Merchant with some kind of military background.
He does things his own way. He believes he has been right a Lot more often than he has been wrong. and he is very skilled as a Gunner, and an above-average Pilot. He tries to be a supportive member of the crew, as long as folks don't push him to the point of triggering his temper.

Lisa "CheapLisa" Cheepowjanesu
Female, Age: 35
Primary: Pilot.   Secondary: Gunner, Dirtside: Xenorelations with a scouts background

Sally O-willy
Female, Age: 43 Height 5 ft 6 Weight 135 lbs
Primary: Engineer, Secondary: Pilot, Dirtside: Mining Corp-type background but got thrown out for whistle-blowing.
She's 5'4", 115 pounds
Her highest goal is to design new equipment or improving the design in the current equipment.
Motto or Slogan: Life is engineering design school - Never stop learning!

Carris McDougal.
Female, Age 25.
Primary: Engineer (especially repair), Secondary: Navigation, Dirtside: Pickpocket. Childhood spent in a life of crime. (Maybe had a summer job breaking and entering? :-)
She's 5'4", 115 pounds.

Male, 40s
He spent a good potion of his life as a make-shift doctor for a pirates crew. He is good at treating bullet wounds, but everything else would be taking a gamble if he was treating you. He is overconfident and impulsive, which will make him spring into action if decisions aren't made relatively quickly. Because he has always been on the wrong side of the law, he is pretty paranoid for all his time running from his past.
Primary: Medicine (+1 on gun wounds, -1 everything else), Computers, Security (Internal Sensors)
Secondary: A variety of skills related to smuggling and getting out of trouble

Jay Carter
Female, Age 35
Primary: Medical Doctor
Secondary: Pilot (This is what I have on my word doc but I think this changed)
Dirtside: Medical Doctor with some biology specializations. Worked in academia.
Naval Background - estranged father

Alex Hayashigawa
Male, Age 29
Primary: Navigation, Secondary: Operations Engineer, Planetside: Geology, Smuggling
Quiet and observant, with a generally pacifist ideology but suspicious and disengaged nature. Prefers to help from the sidelines rather than leading the way or starting any conflicts.

Jan Makdine
Primary: Navigator, Secondary: Repair Engineer, Dirtside: Archaeology
Navel background.