For Players

This blog is an introduction to my Traveller Campaign, "The Continuing Last Voyage(s) of the Rusty Bucket", with the motto "Animadverto universum pro vos intereo" ("See the universe before you die!").

The characters are long time friends who have serious cases of wonderlust. They have been exploring the universe together for years, and want nothing more than to continue. They have a ship, the Russel Buckett, a 140+ year old ship with several colorful previous owners, some of whom are still alive.

This campaign will use a mix of pre-made GURPS traveller adventures and created adventures, so it should be less work to run, and therefore I hope to be able to run it more often. The adventures will be connected like episodes of a classic TV series. So there will be some missing time between adventures.

Rules, Game Systems, and Materials

Players should not need any specific gaming materials to play in this adventure (except dice, paper and pens, of course!) However, you might want to get GURPS: lite (4th editions), just to get a flavor of GURPS, if you have not played before. GURPS: lite is a free PDF which is available on the web. The book GURPS: Traveller describes the setting, character templates, spaceships, and many other things that we will be using in the adventure. You do not need this book to play, but it will provide lots of useful background information.

As players, please do not surf the web looking for the adventures that are run as part of this campaign. You might find them, and what fun would that be? But there is a lot of other classic traveller materials available on the web, which you can use.