Friday, January 14, 2011

Adventure 1 In Lisa's own words ...

Been with these off worlders for years. Its an old ship but it has it
where it counts and we got a good crew to keep it together. We do this
system in borders called Margesi. The damn fraking war is over. Time to
make some money. It looked so good. And we got a good fraking crew.
Felton, Salley, the sharp visual Vargr Chargr Louise, Skins, Carris, Jan
(who seems to be the only one that can get a consensus on this piece of
felgercarb). I like being out here at the edge of the Imperium. Frak. I
heard about the Zhodani, weird mother frakers. Put felgercarb in your
head when you don't fraking want it.  
Now we gets this deal ... now listen to this Archibald Anamin, "Archy",
mother fraker, is pouring on the credits for us to take automated
machinery, including all the control units and their soft little AI
brains to manufactuer parts. And we get the credits up front. Ah
beautiful. Ah I feel wet. All we have to do is meet the fraking FatBoat
in some out system jump point in the Margesi system. Jan gets our
felgercarb together and off to get the fraking felgercarb from the
Oh, then we get these real fraking special instructions on how to
properly approach a Sword World system, Hrunting. We are to clear
customs through Thomas Kjold on dirtside star port. 

Yea, we get to the Hrunting system and frak! Pirates (errrrrrr ...
Imperials we find out later) attack us and here come the Only Hrunting
Defense Boat to try to save use before we find our okole in a
puka(writers footnote 1). We fight the frakers off and head to the
primary and land at the star port. 
Yea, the little pimpster Thomas Kjold
is there and puts us through (we never see him again, along with
"Archy"). Get some big trucks and send a team to a more remote
rendezvous on Hrunting prime. Frak. It's all a set up. We end up
fighting our way out of this felgercarb after what looks like a three
way battle. The Rusty Frakit (that's not the real name of our ship, it's
the Russel Bucket) picks us up and we make it out of the system
before ... they can all catch us.  
Get back to Margesi and our government throws us in prison. Frak!

footnote 1: ran out of BattleStar Galactica words and used some
Hawaiian phrases. "Okole in a puka" roughly means "got my fanny in a

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