Sunday, February 24, 2013

Character's Introduction to Adventure 5 (Feb 2013)

While dropping in on a friend, the characters are recuited into a search and rescure operation.

Carrie O'Malley owns a gambling resort, so she's a good friend to have.  The characters are enjoying some R&R at her place, when one of her "whaleships" is declared TLOD (too long over due): at least according to her.  They are actually only a few days late, but she's nervious about it.  So she askes to to go look for it, and promises a extended R&R when you get back.  Being a good friend, and since the missing are fellow spacers, of course you say "yes".

The ship was on a routine run to pick up a politically important, big time gambler from another system, and deliver him for a few days of recreation to Carrie's club (The Razz).  But the ship never came back.

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