Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Character's Introduction to Adventure 8 (Feb 2017) "Maria In The Forest Of Zhune"

You are dirtside on the planet Peliir, which is fun to visit, but there is nothing there.  It's mostly forest, lightly populated, and has a conservative religion that is fully integrated into the government, and hates change, newness, and technology.

The good news is that there is that Felton has a contact there.  This is a merchant-broker who Felton knew decades ago.  Actually, he was friends with both Dominic Vale and his wife, Abeni.  You just sold your cargo for a good profit, and have a couple of leads on a good outbound cargos, when Dominic calls you up unexpectedly, and asks you to meet him over at his office right now.  Felton can tell something has happened.

Here is some information from the "Adventurer's Guide To The Universe":

Adventurers visiting the planet will note the starport is located in a region of undeveloped wilderness far from the centers of civilization; there is only a small startown, connected by a railway link that carries goods back to civilized areas.  This reflects the wishes of the local regime, which considers most high technologies to be decadent and socially destabilizing. Although the world is CR 3 or Law Level 5 for weapons, it is CR 4 or Law Level 8 for drugs, computers, gravitics, robotics, and other "destabilizing" technology.

On this slowly rotating world, each day or night lasts for 97 hours. 

Aircraft, including air/rafts and grav belts are prohibited. All TL7+ drugs except basic medical drugs are also prohibited, as is armor heavier than jack or mesh.

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