Friday, March 4, 2011

Player's Introduction to Adventure 3

Introduction for the Players:

Double check "The Universe" page, as I have updated it, mostly by filling in more vague information about my traveller universe.

Double check the House Rules section, especially the part on character improvement.  All of your characters have improved, so be prepared to discuss it over lunch, before we start the adventure.

If anyone wants to run a different character -- that is, create a new character to run in the same campaign -- then please email me soonest, so we can start on that via email.  Obviously, the character should be ready to go before mini-con starts.

Introduction for the Characters:

Several months after your last adventure, you have just spent a day checking out the sights near the downport, and are enjoying some drinks at the local bar.  In walks an important looking Vargr, and another Vargr who looks like she might work security. Also with them is an assistant director of ground operations from the starport, who looks like he "ratted out" your drinking spot out to the Vargr.

It turns out that the Vargr is the son of the official Vargr representative on the planet; roughly equivalent to an ambassador (the father, not the son).  He is also friend of one of Louise (your Chargr teammate) friends from university, and brought a message for her:

Several of her friends at University were participating in some sort of secretive summer project.  This project had something to do with physics and a lot of different sensors and computer analysis.  It was happening in a nearby system (but she did not know which one).  Everyone involved in the project is still gone working on it, but the fall session has started, and they still are not back.  Your friend was worried and "poked around" her friend's school office and computer.  She thinks she knows where they were going, and she definitely knows you are crew on an adventurous spaceship, and she has asked you to check out the star system, and make sure her friends are OK.  She talked to the authorities weeks ago, and they don't have any evidence of anything bad having happened, and don't really care about what happens on other star systems anyway.

Being the kind of adventurers that you are, your quickly head out to the star system in question.  The jump was uneventful.  The adventure starts as you come out of jump space in the system identified by your friend.

Here are some things that you know already:
  • Everyone involved in the research project was Vargr.  That was very important to them.
  • The system they were going to is a uninhabited, almost never visited, completely uninteresting system.  It has a brown dwarf in the middle.  A collection of 7 small rocky planets, one smaller than mars, one Pluto sized, the rest asteroid sized.  There is also a small cloud of comets and frozen water.
  • The system is about 1 parsec from where you were when you got the message, and about 2 parsecs from the populated system that has the University.
  • There were approximately 2 tenured professors, 4 non-tenured professors, 8 grad students and 15 undergrads in the group.  They planned to be gone about 110 days, but it has been about 150 so far.
  • The group left in 3 space ships. 
Once the characters agreed to the mission, the Vargr gave them an unarmed (but highly armored) grav APC that is usually used for transporting dignitaries.

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