Saturday, February 4, 2012

Character's Introduction to Adventure 4 (Feb 2012)

The crew of the Russel Buckett finds themselves on world  (Willows) where they are met by preveious contact Candis Mirimaki.   Candis is very rich and a University student, along with her boyfriend Saurabh Smith (who everyone calls "SS"), and who the players don't know.   She would like to get him a present of Oggersheim wine delivered in time for their post-finals party (one month hence).   Oggersheim wine is native of a system (St. Joseph) two jumps away, so there is just barley enough time.  However, Jaconit which is the midway point does not allow Oggersheim wine even to pass through the system.  They have a religious ban related to the type of fruit the wine is made from.  So that is a problem.  Luckily  Candis  is studying deep space planitary systems.  She has found one that can be used as a jumping off point.  This system does not have an official name (until her paper is published), but she calls it Saurabhstan. (Cute, huh?)  She will pay for the characters to make the run.

Better yet, the characters also found a normal cargo headed to St. Joseph, so they are happy to get double pay for this run, and set off.

Everything when smoothly at St. Joseph, and the characters are preparing to exit jump space at  Saurabhstan when the adventure starts.

Background on Oggersheim Wine
Oggersheim wine is a wine like beverage made from fermented Oggershime (different spelling is not a typo) fruit, which is found only on St. Joseph.  The the plant is generally potato like, and the fruit matures underground and is the size of a potato.  The drink is best consumed fresh, and there is a special ceremony when the first bottles are ready for consumption each year (vaguely like Beaujolais Nouveau).  There are is a lot of tradition and pomp and circumstance associated with producing this wine.  The taste is much like terrian grape wines, but more complex with earthy, mushroom like flavors.

Background on Saurabhstan
Almost nothing is known about Saurabhstan at the begining of the character's voyage.  This is a deep space planetary system; there is no sun.  It contains 1 frozen gas giant, 1 very odd gas giant, which has 2 large moons, 10 small moons, and two debris rings.  The two gas giants orbit each other, and gravitational "flexing" provides the only source of energy in the system.

Candis will ask for an hour or two of data from when you are in system, to put in her paper.  This is not worth delaying the wine, but while you're doing other things, you can be getting some readings on the planets, their atmopheres, moons, rings, magnetospheres, etc.  Candis will mention that some of the  physical characterists of the system doesn't make sense, and she might get a thesis out of it.   (A new system doesn't get you a thesis.  The only reason this one is even interesting is because of it's possible use to block the Jaconit "blockade".)

The Mission So Far
There were no problems on the outbound leg at all.  The stop at Jaconit is pretty quick, considering that they had to be inspected.  There were some bugs in the inspectors clothing, but the ship's systems got them.  The pickup at  St. Joseph  was also smooth, and had an added bonus.  The culture of  St. Joseph  is very "tip" oriented.  And your tip, for transporting the goods, was a pony keg (about 3 gallons full of Oggersheim wine.  So that was nice.   You are now about 2 hours away from the expected time of making the transition back to real space.  So far, everything looks good.

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