Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Character's Introduction to Adventure 6 (Feb 2014) "Homecoming"

A long term friend of one of the characters has passed away.  By pure chance the Rusty Buckett happened to be in-system when it happened.  But was in dry dock for repairs. So the characters are escorting the body to the friend's homeworld for burial, but on a commercial liner.  The homeworld is Alell, which is a nice place, although a little wild and rugged (see below).  However, Alell is located in a semi-dictatorship with delusions of grandeur.   (Putin's Russia is a good mental model for this.) Anyway, that's not likely to be a problem for you.  You just need to deliver the body, attend the funeral, and listen to the will (partly in the unlikely event that you got something, and partly just to be polite).

This adventure is set on Alell

On Alell, ferocity and beauty are inextricably entwined. The jungles shimmer a thousand shades
of red and gold, but touch the wrong delicate frond with bare skin and the poison stinger will lash
out faster than the eye can follow. The Alellian whisperhawk is beautiful even as it stoops on its
prey from the green clouds. Even the sky of Alell is perilous; the shimmering auroras that stream
across the heavens are caused by bursts of radiation from the primary star.

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