Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On the Mend, THE CARRIS LOG, Volume 4

We were doing a favor for Carrie O’Malley, and we encountered some tough pirates. I am now fairly sure that I won’t be joining the Space Marines any time soon! I don’t remember much of what occurred, but I really got banged up in this one. I am still recovering from the thrashing I took. I guess I’m pretty lucky to be alive, but I don’t feel so lucky.  
I’ve been studying my mechanics manuals with the intention of improving my repair skills, but those books are very dry. I found myself needing a little fun, so I met up with my pal, Hannah Devi, and we hit a few clubs. I can’t do “the Worm” yet,
but I managed to bust a few moves. It was great to see Hannah again. She likes my new hair color. She has been doing a lot of modeling and working hard, so she was also glad to be able to get out for the night. It was terrific seeing her again.  

What’s next for the Bucket? Will our captain ever return? Can Sally keep it together for another adventure? Tune in next time for the possible answers!   

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